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Palm Olein

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We trade palm olein from Malaysia and Indonesia and we ship to over 20 destinations in the world.
The package available are:

  • 5L,10L,20L and 25L in yellow or white jerrycans (red or yellow cap)
  • 200L and 213L in steel drums.
  • 250mL, 500mL, 1L and 5L transparent PET bottle
  • 21TM flexitank

Three qualities are available, PORAM, Packer and IV 60, with different melting points.
The palm oil underlying commodity is traded on the Kuala Lumpur Exchange. It is higly volatile and we assist our customers in securing the best possible market price by enabling them to capitalize on market opportunities. We also assist them in optimizing their shipment schedules to reduce their average inventory levels.

We can supply Palm Olein to any port, or inland location. The minimum size we can ship is 5 containers of 20 feet (20 to 21 tons net depending on the package size)

Brands available:

  • Le Bon Cuisinier vegetable oil
  • Royal Gala vegetable oil
  • Monica vegetable oil
  • Huile du Chef vegetable oil
  • Huile Super vegetable oil
  • La Bonne Menagere vegetable oil

Feel free to contact our trading desk on + 33 1 58 18 33 50
or send us an email here.

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