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Your french partner in the international trade
of  agricultural raw materials  and foodstuffs

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MAREX Commodities is a Paris based international commodities trading company, with an affiliate in Brazil.

We cater to customers throughout the world, supplying agricultural commodities with a focus on sugar, palm-olein, wheat-flour and rice as well as ancillary food products.

We provide our customers with a comprehensive service, making them benefit from our cutting-edge trading expertise on the financial and physical markets.

We operate with selected producers in Brazil, Europe and Asia to provide you with the most suitable product at the best possible price. Our trading team is at your service to provide a comprehensive quote for any requirement you may have.

We handle the following products:

  • Edible Oils: Palm olein and palm products from Malaysia and Indonesia
  • Soap: All qualities and forms, Toilet soap, Laundry soap,...
  • Rice: White Long Grain 25%, 5%, 100% Broken, Parboiled and Fragrant from all origins
  • Sugar: white crystal, refined sugar, organic sugar - Brazil, Thailand and Europe
  • Cube Sugar: Saint-Louis, Beghin and Daddy brands
  • Pasta: Spaghetti, Macaroni and others from Turkey
  • Wheat-flour: Grades for all usages from Europe and Turkey
  • Sardine: Morrocan and indonesian sardine, 125g club
  • Condensed Milk: From Malaisia. Proteins (from 1,5% to 5%) enriched or not with vitamins A, B1, D3.
  • Lollipops: Strawberry Heart-shape "Lili!" brand lollipops (from Brazil)
  • Tomato Paste: Tomato Paste (18-20%, 28-30%, 36-38%,...).

Please hit the contact us link or call our trading desk on +33 1 58 18 33 50 for a quotation request / price indication.